photo 20130927_124435_zps935d0006.jpg

 photo 20130927_124423_zps2603bfca.jpg

"This piece is placed in my front porch, it serves as a welcoming to all.  Its the eye to the heart of my home.  It brings tranquility, peace and much love."
Rafael - Los Angeles, CA



 photo P1010232_zps23d3045f.jpg


 photo P1010230_zps608c6222.jpg


 photo P1010231_zps947d624f.jpg

"I just love the "Hunab Ku", everytime you look at it from a different direction, it's a different color...."

Carol - Phoenicia, NY



 photo IMAG0389_zps72d485e3.jpg

 photo IMAG0388_zpsad3f93a0.jpg

Commissioned piece of tattoo reading "MADE"

"It looks exactly like my tattoo... just what I wanted!"

Mike - Bronx, NY



 photo IMG_3749_zps3336b185.jpg

 photo IMG_3748_zps5fd072bd.jpg

 photo IMG_3743_zps3b66a588.jpg

Commissioned piece of Lioness Jewelry Logo

"I created this piece to use as my logo in my jewelry business, Lioness Jewelry.  When searching for a banner and/or poster options I came across EternalGlyphics and felt this was a great and bold way to advertise for my business.  Due to the intricate and detailed design, I was first afraid it might not be possible, but as you can see, it matches my logo perfectly.  I'm thoroughly satisfied and recommend them to anyone.  I will treasure it forever!"

Christine - Pasadena, CA

 photo LionessJewelry_zpsf0ad3d4f.jpg



 photo IMG_3738_zps6330205c.jpg

 photo IMG_3737_zps542fe66c.jpg

Commissioned Peacock Feather in Mahogany

"I have always been drawn to peacock feathers and being able to obtain a large realistic version of one just warmed my heart and my soul.  I LOVE IT!"

Evelyn - Ft. Lauderdale, FL



 photo IMG_3759_zps0c31cbd7.jpg

 photo IMG_3756_zps83ba5cb2.jpg

Commissioned Sugar Skull with OM symbol

"I didn't really know what to expect. When you ask an artist to do a piece and your not specific you can get just about anything. What I ended up getting was a piece that has become the center of my own symbolic treasures. And not for nothing, it's well crafted, the moving guy dropped it, if it broke... well let's just say it wouldn't be a good day for this dude, but it didn't even chip. RIGHT ON! Everyone who sees it asks the same question. Where can I get one of those? I tell them you can't, each piece is individual, so go talk to the artist and find your own cool piece."

TranQue - Boston, MA


 photo IMG_3766_zps9edc960b.jpg

Leo Symbol with Lion Print - Wood Photo Transfer w/ Acrylic Gloss Finish

 photo IMG_3751_zpse8f9204c.jpg

"Leo's Rule! Got to represent my sign, like the leader I am!"

Aurora - Colorado Springs, CO



 photo photo2_zpsb865bab8.jpg

 photo photo_zps54bb3322.jpg

Copper w/ copper wrapped Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine Crystals

"I really wanted a copper pyramid. When I finally got it, I was amazed by the amount of energy emanating from it! The crystals definitely work as an enhancement. Every night and every morning as I pray and meditate, I put my hands within the pyramid and feel a surge of power from within. I highly recommend this pyramid and the artists that created it."

Marilyn - Manhattan, NY