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  • Image of Egyptian Ankh
  • Image of Egyptian Ankh
  • Image of Egyptian Ankh

Egyptian Ankh


This version of the ankh, contains the djeg and was symbols, encompassing

It is believed that the Djed is a rendering of a human backbone. It represents stability and strength. It was originally associated with the creation god Ptah. Himself being called the "Noble Djed".

The Was symbolizes power and dominion. The Was scepter is carried by deities as a sign of their power.

The ankh symbol proclaims that DUALITY (the masculine /feminine or positive/negative force) has been overcome by NEUTRALITY. The neutrality which I am speaking about is the neutral place within the spinal column. The zipped-up element in the spine which spirals us to our reunion with our creator. We are no longer thinking of ourselves as male or female, but an aspect of ALL THAT IS.

The ankh symbol, in fact, literally combines the two forces within the symbol itself, namely the cross being the male element and the oval being the feminine element (early Egyptian knowledge).

These two symbols, the cross and oval, were said to be the two generative principles of heaven and earth and, of course, the Egyptian deities of Osiris and Isis.

Color & Size Options:
- Cherry Stain w/ Cedar Stain - approx. 18" x 9" x 3/4"

- Finished with a clear polyurethane gloss.
- A Sturdy saw-tooth or D-Ring hanger has been nailed/screwed to the back for easy hanging. (Unless Magnet)
- Colors may vary from what’s shown in photo due to lighting and digital processing.
- Shipping and handling costs vary depending on quantity and location.