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  • Image of Peacock Feather
  • Image of Peacock Feather
  • Image of Peacock Feather

Peacock Feather


Our Unique Peacock Feather design.

Numerous cultural and religious groups throughout the world revere the peacock feather as a powerful, mythical symbol. Each summer, the peacock sheds his tail feathers in order to regenerate more brilliant ones. Buddhists adopted this symbol of renewal to teach the importance of letting go of negativity in order to move forward on the path of enlightenment.

The peacock's eye-studded feather is an important cultural talisman to ward off evil spirits. It is also highly regarded for its powerful medicinal uses. Peacock Feathers have been used for healing for tens of thousands of years in every culture throughout time. They are said to carry Spiritual Healing Energy that can be used to assist people seeking balance and harmony in their lives. With the proper guidelines of use, they allow the individual to connect with the Universal Healing Energy and use this energy to heal people of all of their complaints, imbalances and disease.

Size & Color Options:
Honey Stain 10" X 4" or 20" X 8"

- Finished with a clear polyurethane gloss.
- A Sturdy saw-tooth or D-Ring hanger has been nailed/screwed to the back for easy hanging.
- Colors may vary from what’s shown in photo due to lighting and digital processing.
- Shipping and handling costs vary depending on quantity and location.